A fresh start

I’m so glad we have a God who understands our being and knows exactly what is going on in our hearts.  I am so glad that when we pray, He responds in His own perfect way.  Without it, we would be nothing, forever broken and forever alone.  I was having difficulty letting go of things that I had hoarded in my heart.  I had lost touch with life and the joy we can experience by just living.  But in just one experience I have touched on what it means to enjoy the blessings God has given to us, and I feel that this is the beginning of letting go, closing doors and saying goodbye to the things that have long overstayed their welcome.  So I have decided to move my blog as a way of making a fresh start, and am very pleased with the colourful effect (I hope you are too!).  Having struggled for so long with the feeling that God does not talk to me, I feel like I have very much felt God’s loving touch in my life this weekend, and so “Diablogue with God” seemed a very appropriate address!  My journey involves seeking God and getting to know His will.  It is proving such a hard walk, but right now, His gentle whisper and His loving grace feel so warm – it truly is worth every second of hardship!


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