The Gratitude Column

A brief list of some of last week’s highlights:

  • Having a meal with the uni gang as we complete our last academic block of the year
  • Ticking things off my to-do list
  • Some good chats with the housemate
  • Getting our cooker fixed with lovely new hobs
  • Film night with snacks
  • KFC/ Costa date with the man
  • Arranging to meet up with a friend

I realise this is quite a bit smaller than my previous lists, but it really is so important to hang onto whatever gem the day brings, especially when we’re riding through a rough week. And looking at what may seem like the more mundane items on the list, I cannot help but experience a deep gratitude and appreciation for the things God has provided us with. Realising what we have should make us joyful – not because we have so much, but because we have been given these things out of love, by Someone who cares deeply for us. And just as a lot of my list involves other people, it’s the relational that can really lift us up, not the material.

This week brought me to the end of my Sheffield era until September – from next week, it will be back to Leeds, with only a week to gather my thoughts and! A mix of relief and joy at completing this leg of the journey is somewhat hidden by the realisation that the next few weeks will involve a lot of hard work, early mornings and perhaps some humiliation as well. I just have to remind myself that nothing easy is worth having. And that God is with us, no matter how deep the valley or steep the mountain. His strength will lift us above our weaknesses. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that!?


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